The Lost City….A Different Perspective of Climate Change

I walked along the kayutangan street in the fresh foggy morning, while whistling slowly and singing autumn leaves, i saw people passing by and went somewhere i did not know, i saw the birds flying around the big green trees which grew so green in december. I blew my mouth every single minutes because its quite cold in the morning, i saw people prepared the things for doing something there, i just passed by and then continue walking, when i entered Bromo street, the road is so lonely just 1 or 2 vehicles passed by, because its 5.40 am in the morning, maybe not too many people outside because its so cold, and i walked straight and still whistling, i saw mount panderman so far away in the end of the panorama but looks so close and blue, i could feel the sun shinning smootly upon my skin and i felt a little warm. I just walked under the green of the big trees toward the school, that time i felt so happy and so fresh, and when i tried to enter the school’s gate…….i realized and wake up quickly…..oh my god…i was only dreaming…..but i had something in my dream….hmmm…i think i had lost my city, my green city, my fresh city…..yeah…and then i realized…that in my dream…it was me…when i was just a little kid. Hmm….maybe caused by Global Warming i never really know for sure, or the consciousness of protecting their own environment was already forgotten, or some strangers in this town tried to dissapear the beauty of the city without any traces, or the decision makers only thought about money and money without caring about the destruction of the environmental structures of this beautiful town…let the people choose which one. All we have to know is to do the best we can to protect this town from the unresponsible hands of evil that will make any worst damages which are stands behind the shield of law, goverment, community, prosperity or anything else with just one reason “money”. For sure money isn’t everything but we need money to buy everything, and it can’t become a certain reason to destruct our own environment just for things that will increase the local income but will sacrifice the future of our children and next generation. The motto of Hard Rock Cafe sounds “Save The Planet”…but only few people had understand that motto and keep it deeply in their heart, so they can act such real things as a form of responsibility for their environment and their future of their next generation. Right now the international conference about Climate Change is being held in Bali, and the most important things was not the conference itself, but the real action after the conference ended. There can be an useless conference if the goverment only use the conference to gain some profits from another country in the name of Environment Recovery or just need some Fresh Money to build environmental project theoretically, but they use the money to do some political reasons and lie to the people that the money will use as the media to increase people bargaining in the decision making process. So it will be useless to held such a big conference without any self consciousness of each personal to care about the environment around, it will be useless to held such a big conference if the goverment still give permits to the businessman who has the ability to destruct the environment such as the right of cutting the trees in the forests. Climate Change is not only a dead term that has no meaning, but a term that we have to think it deeply because the main reason is human being itself who creates the Climate Change, because only human is given by GOD the ability of think and has made certain technologies to build something on the earth..which is built to give prosperity to others, not to give advantages to few people that will destroy the nation with some main reasons. Or should this lost city rebuild again away from the dirty hands of the unresponsible people and turns back this city into its destiny as a cold city….i wish i can change the destiny.


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