Me, Myself…and Someone Over There That I Really Care

“You were lonely and u need a friend, someone’s there with the right time and the right smile….” the sounds of Phil Collins song fading away from my ears, the night was so bright with many stars shining through the windows in the 3rd floor of my office. I tried to concentrate myself for what i’ve done, and did something to fix the computer and also recovered the data inside the bad HDD. I thought i can’t fix this problems but thank god i can do it properly, maybe the God’s hands help me solve this problem i never knew. I felt a little tired, but i would find something interesting. And i think to myself, maybe its better logged in with my Yahoo! Messenger and find some friends there. I Logged in, i tried everyroom, i can’t find anyone who wanted to chat with me, so i decided to stay in Darkroom, the room for the photographic…i really out of idea. After half an hour without any activities i saw an ID, and i double-click that ID and say hi (I thought she was indonesian). She said hi, I typed ASL, and i really surprised then she asked me what is ASL….??…and i tell her then. I just knew that was the first time she’s chatting. Time passed by, this girl was very nice and i really like her because i already knew that she’s a philippines. I really can’t explain my feelings became so strange when i chat with this girl, usually i chat with her late at night. So there was a time i realized that i really love her, but i still afraid to say that i love her until i found the right time to say it. She told me then that she also love me, and i can’t hold my feelings…anyway i can’t describe it with words how happy i am. I really have her in my heart and in my mind, she’s now fulfilling every part of me, every second of my thought, and every pieces of my hope. Thank God, u gave ur bless of knowing this girl, even she’s so far away there, in a place that i can’t reach….but she’s always in my heart and i really love her. Thank God for brightened my life and made me feel alive, i really like and need this girl with me everytime. Maybe someday i will meet her in person, i can’t imagine how happy i am loving this girl with all my heart.
( Dedicated For Tina )

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