When The Mind Rules The Heart

Mind is a power is a term which everybody has ever heard, and mind is a great gift from God to every human being who live in this world. The mind can control everythin, even the biggest thing ever. But mind sometimes made us blind, made us mad, made us crazy and maybe would kill us with something called an idealism. In the other side, the idealism which is created by mind is a power to support something, to run something, to create something, to do something and also to kill something. Furthermore, if there is no balance in controlling mind there will be affects that will results some uncontrolled things. In several cases, sometimes people already trapped in a mindset that will blocked all the abilities to think clearly, and will create some strict fanatism. So many things happened caused by the strict fanatism regenerated into some forms of mismatch faith, and also caused many destructions and many wars in many variant of levels. There is one part of the body which is lied inside, called Heart which can control mind into a proportional power of thought so it can be stay on track to run the life, without avoiding the idealism and fanatism that will placed as important parts of our destiny. Heart can control idealism into high tolerable matters, heart can change fanatism into high patience habits to appreciate others, so there’s no wars, no confrontation, no intricts and no bad feelings to others. When The Mind Rules The Heart will make strong constructions to our thought and to our faith, on the contrary, When The Heart Rules The Mind will make wiser steps of thought into anything we will do next and maybe When The Minds and The Heart work simultaneously will create better creatures to face the future and also build strongholds against the unproper matters that will turn the ways into a deep hole of fractions between poor and rich, clever and stupid, good and bad, big and small and so on…World just need a balance, only human being sometimes created the unbalance things, so how many more will be victims, how many more will die for nothing and how many more will suffered, How many more……..

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