Music…That Colored My Life

Everybody says music is an universal language, and thats right, music never care about the social status, age difference, or any other differences. Sometimes music becomes the media to express something that people have in their mind, to criticize the goverment, the dissapointment about systems, the feelings of people, and so on. Every kind of music contains the different messages which are tried to talk by the creators, rock, blues, jazz, progressive, new wave, punk, metal, emo,….and many many more. In my own life music has become another soul of mine, which flows into my blood and made me feel such undesirable strange feelings when i play the music and listen to it carefully, sometimes the meanings inside the lyrics represents the real life and contains words of wisdom that written to let every people knew what is happening inside the mind of the creators. Since i was 9 years old, my everyday life is so empty without the things called music, the rythm and the dynamics of the music has formed my soul into a sensed human being which is very care about everything. Maybe my parents could say i was so strange when i was 10 years old, and i already like the rock music like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and Genesis, even i did not really know for sure what kind of music they played, because my ears was already influenced by the sounds that i’ve heard everyday from the people that so close to me like my father, my uncles, my older brother. Sometimes my friends are also asked me why do u like that kind of music?? and i said i don’t know why, i just like them, the way they sing or i said because my families like them, i can’t gave any logical reasons. When i entered the intermediate school, i have some friends that have “strange feelings” like me, and we are so close to each other, and sometimes we listen to the music together in my room and in their rooms also. Marillion, Genesis, Rush, Pink Floyd…Led Zeppelin and many more, become everyday’s topics in our conversation. This little town called Malang, the place that really grown me up with this taste of music, people in this country called this town “The town of Rock and Progressive”, maybe because this town is really appreciate music as an universal language to communicate between the old and the young, the rich and the poor, the men and the women, the goverment and the people, and even the musician and the fans. Music is really influence my life wherever i am, whatever i am, whoever i am, i really can’t live without music. In some cases music really helps me out from the “dead end” of my problems and helps me to find the better way out to solve the problems. In present day, the strange thing called music made me feel so “colourful”, because i really understand that music is a media to grow up our lives, and sometimes becomes the great medicine to entertain our mind. Music has colored my life, thank GOD that i have music as my step of consciousness to build my faith, so i really understand that GOD is really here with me and i hope that music will make this world become one, under GOD.

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