People Who Speak With Their Hands

Saturday night, the rain was falling so hard, i left alone in the office because i can’t go home and waiting for the rain to stop. Suddenly, one of my friend came to me and touch my back while he said “i have something for you”, and i reply “what is that..?”, from the jacket he showed me an audio CD titled “The Zildjian Day”. I was so interested, and then we went together to play this CD and what i’ve heard is very very great sounds of music which are played by many musicians. There are Dave Weckl “7th Avenue South”, William Calhoun “Go Away”, Paul Geary “Li’l Jack Horny”, Tony Williams “Neptune Overture”, Jason Bonham “Backdoor”, Fish “Servitude”, Steve Smith “Perfect Date”, Greg Bissonette “Friends”, Aaron Comes “Shinbone Alley”, Dennis Chamberss “Two Price Hits”, Vinnie Colaiuta “Spaceships” and the last is Alex Asuna with “Ten O’clock Groove”. I was so stupid, because i was so late to realize that all the name there were drummers and i did not know what i was thinking that time, the word Zildjian as many people knew is the brand of the drum equipments like cymbals and many more. Anyway the music they played was very interesting and very great supported by their skills to play drums, and the sound of snare, cymbals, remo, bass drums and percussions are vary with the songs they choose to play, and i think this is a great compilation. I kept on listening to this 2 or 3 times, and my friend said they did not speak with their mouth, and i said “what did u mean….?”, and he’s laughing so loud, and then he said so seriously “They are, People Who Speak With Their Hands”, and then I also laugh so loud and said “Sure”. Sometimes we don’t have to say something, but we do something in real, like they are, the drummers, they tried to say something with their hands. And then we went home together after shutting down the computer, because the rain has already stopped.

One thought on “People Who Speak With Their Hands

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