Music, should it be ended with disaster??

I was watching TV this afternoon, suddenly the TV station broadcast some kind like breaking news, and the picture showed there is disaster in the place where the concert was held, some people killed and the concert stopped automatically and cause chaos inside the building, when nobody knew what’s really happened. I did not even have thoughts that a music concert should ended by a disaster that will cause many dead victims, but it really happened there, and the security officers can’t do nothing, furthermore, the official who is responsible for the concert itself could not do anything. What was really happening there, who is right and who is wrong, and who is the people that should have such kind of responsibilities about this kind of situation???. Maybe we have to analyze this disaster from the wiser perspectives, so we don’t blame others. Music itself will never be the one that caused this thing happened, because music is an universal language to express something in our mind. Progressive, Rock, Heavy Metal, or even Underground or whatever, thats just about the way we play music and understand music as a part of our everyday’s life. And the disaster itself, is caused by many factors which have to analyze carefully by the authorized organizations to find some truth, not trying to push other sides which will caused deeper confrontations. People came there only for music and its enjoyable moments to see, and should not be ended with such a embarassed disaster that caused dead victims, especially most of the victims are the attender themselves. Music really appreciates differences, Music really appreciates arts, Music really appreciates freedom, and music really appreciates maturity, and also became such an enjoyable things to heard. Music is not a thing that will make people so upset, so temperament, but music colored our life as a beautiful thing that will enter through the ears and made our brain absorbs some strange frequencies and automatically reflected to the feelings. I really hope this kind of disaster won’t happen again in the future, because we appreciate music as a great creation from human being and heard by human being, and not as a media to made some chaos. Keep going, we are all loves music. God Bless all of us.

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