The Truth That Never Lie

One day, a beggar cames to me, he wanted something from me, and i gave him some money, he’s really old and dirty, and then he went away. One day, a poltician spoke in the television, he tried to explain some hopes, he wanted to make the country into the democracy, the goverment from the people, by the people, and for the people. If i saw that cases, without any deep analysis, we might say that all of that cases represents the truth, but which case is the “truly” truth?. In my perspectives, when an old beggar need some money just for buying some food, the truth is he couldn’t do anything, he just wanted to run his life for 1 day, maybe he will die in the next day if he could not eat. On the contrary, if the politician said he would build a democratic nation which is based on the people, the truth is after he became a leader of the nation, we never know what he’s going to do to realize his hopes, he would not die in the next day, but maybe many people will die because of his failures to realize his hopes. A beggar, even sometimes we underestimated him, as the human being with very low social status, he speaks the truth that he can’t eat so he do something even in very deep pressures, to save his life begging for money to others. A politician, even sometimes we saw him as a human being with very high social status and tends to be rich, he speaks the lies just to make him become a leader, and then after he became a leader, maybe he will forget the people who support him. Too many things happen in this life, sometimes we can understand, sometimes blinded by the material things, sometimes blinded by beauty, sometimes blinded by the fake realities, sometimes blinded by arrogancy, sometimes blinded by everything, and sometimes we had a blackout, so we can’t think clearly again because we are really blind, but the truth will appear with the power to break the thick wall of blindness, to guide into the way of better life and to heal the disease of unforgiven sins. We believe in God who really knew for sure the real truth is, so if we wanted to find the truth we have to be so close to God. and God will show the truth with the mysterious ways. In the name of God the most graceful and the most merciful, all the goodness for God, the God of all the universe….that words really made me think so hard, that the God always protects human being from the evil, and always moves human being to find the truth. “Why is this world so full of hate, people dying everywhere, and we destroy what we create, people fighting for the human rights, but we just go on saying c’est la vie, so this is life” slowly the vocal shouts of Freddie Mercury on his song “There Must Be More For Life Than This” fading out, lead me into my deep sleep. However the truth will never lie

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