Its very hard to explain the word progressive itself, but in the terms of music progressive means the structure of music that avoid the standards structure of the popular or we can call it the standard songs. and what i want to explain in this writing is not about the meaning of progressive theoretically, but why i like this progressive musics especially progressive rock (or prog rock). Some people said that progressive rock began in the late 60’s or early 70’s, hmm..i did not know…and started by the british musicians, im also not so sure about that, i think thats not so important for me, the most important things for me are how we can enjoy the progressive rocks. when i was a kid, maybe my ears influenced by the songs played by my uncles, everyday they played almost the same songs, and really really influenced me. When they played Deep Purple when i was 7 or 8 years old im not so sure, i really like the song titled “Smoke On The Water”, the distortion of the Ritchie Blackmore’s guitar at the intro is really amazed me, and the song from “Led Zeppelin” titled “Heartbreaker” also amazed me with the unique guitar playing by Jimmy Page. When i was a little bigger maybe 10 or 11 years old, my uncles played many strange songs hehehe…why they were strange, at the first time i cant understand the songs, they really hard to listen and made me thinking deeply why they choose the sound like this (i talk to myself). Finally i really wanted to know a lot about those songs, and then i tried to ask one of my uncles at home, “uncle, what kind of song is this…??”…and then he said “why…??..u really want to know..??”….i replied..”yes”…and then he told me “this is progressive…progressive rocks….but..why..???”…i replied “no, i think i like those songs”…he was laughing and replied “hmm…u r a strange little kid”….and i said to myself “maybe i am”. And the bands i have listened that time r like Genesis (both Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins), Yes, Jethro Tull, and many more, but in the 80’s there is one band that i really like much…Marillion with Fish as the lead Vocal..and i think every progger knew that “Script for a Jester’s Tears”…is really amazing. Till now, my ears is really influenced with the term “progressive rocks”, and i also heard and listened the neo progressive bands or they called progressive metal like Dream Theater, Glass Hammer, Flower Kings and so on. hhehe…the time passes by, but i’m still on the progressive track, and then i found many people here in wordpress who really likes progressive rocks like Mas Gatot Widayanto, Mas Alfie, Mas Priyo….and many more, heheehhe…Keep On Proggin’ Man….i’m so happy to meet u all….Progressive must go on….


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