God, Faith and Music

GOD or ALLAH….this word guided me to something most superior, most merciful, most powerful..and there are too many “most” to represent the meaning, maybe we dont have enough brain to describe but at least we have our own dependecy of the existence deep inside our heart and fulfill our mind. There are many ways to “feel” and to “touch” the existence of GOD through everything around us, and we have interfaces to do that things. Not physical interfaces, but seems like “visualization” that already built inside our soul. The visualization above, people usually called it Faith, the most complicated things for me to explain, really complicated. Every human being have different ways to reach the “desirable” faith, depends on their understandings about all the things around them both physically and non-physically. Me, iam not a religious person in many ways, i am not a person who understand all the things inside my way of life “Al Quran”, i am just a natural born and ordinary human being, nothing special. Refers to the limitation of myself as a human being, i have my own special way to reach the “desirable” faith and guide me to the undescribable peace of mind, using my sense of hearing, i found something that really “wake me up” and sometimes “surprised” that i can “feel” the existence of God. Music, like what the people have known, is an universal language to guide to the “satisfaction” of being human, furthermore, music also become the “language” of peace in the different point of views. For me, music is a “stairway” to reach the deepest place where my faith stay and such a “device” to realize that i really believe about the existence of GOD. When i play the songs, listening from the audio device, i feel something moving in my blood and then make my heart beating and usually moves my other parts of the body doing something, thats why i always thank GOD because has given me such good ears to listen and understand about GOD and made my faith deeper and deeper. With music i can understand GOD, i can believe the “real” existence of GOD, and i also can interpret many things that happen in this real world. The dream is over, i wake up early in the morning and drink a glass of hot tea to survive from the cold weather, and still clear in my ears, the song from White Lion “When The Children Cry”…played from my old audio systems, “….. What have we become, Just look what we have done, All that we destroyed, You must build again, No more presidents, And all the wars will end, One united world under god….. When the children cry, Let them know we tried, ´cause when the children fight, Then we know it ain´t right, When the children break, Let them know we´re awake, ´cause when the children sings, The new world begins”. Thank God u still let me hear the good song, with the good meaning about peace.


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