Walking Alone Among The Broken Pieces, No Distance

So many things happened in this life, in so many different ways. Experiences never get enough fulfilled our timespace of life with many different purposes. Time passes by and flows through the holes of reality, left everything inside and out in the presence of human being. Too many words we’ve said, too many things we’ve seen, too many roads we’ve walked, still never get enough for breaking through the dimension of life mystery. There are times to come back to the phsycoanalytic thoughts that everything should happen because of the primary cause, the cause that given to us by something that we’ve never understood, we’ve never known the shape, we’ve never seen before, but deep inside our heart we can feel the presence and when we look around we suddenly realized that everything was created by the primary cause. Or maybe we’ve been too long, leaving the straight paths that guide us to the certain rules that wont let us doing something which caused nothing useful, or we’ve been so blinded by the lights that made our eyes only can look everything from one angle of thinking, or maybe we’ve just pretended that whatever we’ve done was right for us, not for anyone else. There should be a moment for a turning point that will change everything, in a such different situation that will made us back to the right tracks, to the blessing path of the primary cause of the nature creation also to the very basic right of human being creation. Sometimes we have to walk alone among the broken pieces, looking to the left and the right and everything is very dark, we have to knock every doors to see what’s the possibilities inside, to come to the windows and see what’s other things outside, or sometimes we just try to pick up the broken pieces and watch them carefully, who knows there’s a tiny and truly truth inside, or we just keep on walking that way and follow to the uncertain guidance that will takes us everywhere like the wind blows inside the long tunnel to search for the exit hole with the very bright shinning light. Alhamdulillah (thank God for everything), we have the power to do the things that sometimes r very impossible, even for a long time we’ve tried to arrange the broken pieces even cant complete anymore, just to find a little hole where the shinning light can shines through, and enlighten the current life and made the future brighter. Allah, Thank you, for being with us forever.


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