The Worst Day of My Life (The Unsent and Unread Message)

When i tried so hard to pass the hard weekdays, with my remaining power that i had, when i tried to walk every possible ways to fulfill the times, when i tried to fight the strange thoughts inside my mind, i thought i could pass the days for some good reasons. When i found myself so selfish, when i held this evil inside my mind and tried so hard to keep it deep inside. Finally, that day came to me, without any signs, without any warnings, then the evil covered up myself, pressed my mind, smoked my heart with dark light, and everything was out of control, out of the normal thought, and out of the logical thoughts. Seemed like evil has turned myself off, like a dark shadow that suddenly came, blackout in every single side of myself. The times when the hopes and the dreams destroyed by the dramatic evil power, i still tried to stand up even i felt so weak, i already cried so much tears until i could not cry anymore. Evil pushed myself to be selfish, untolerate even with someone that i really love, someone who really care, someone who sacrifice everything for me. Evil has guided me into an uncontrolled emotional state which blocked all this brain with negative and negative thoughts, and burn the madness to show outside and dominate the care and love feelings, dissapear the sweet moments. God pls give me apologize with all of this, i made so many people hurt, i made so many mistakes, not because im only a human being, but its more than that, because i lost my way of life that God guides me. To every people, im very sorry, let God punish me for what i’ve done, and i hope it’ll be fair for all of you. God help me…

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