It’s not a Story

It’s not a story….it was just a matter of life evaluations, I was just trying to build a dream for years, a dream that was so far away in the distance. So beautiful and practically changed my mind to create some paths toward that dream. Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, and every second I ran. I passed through many roads uphills and down hills, still creating the pathways, small and complicated. Once and twice, I was trying to get closer to the reality, to remind and recall the pathways that I’ve been made, upon the sweetnesses, down to the sorrows, across the rivers of tears and over the borders of faith and life directions. It was not purposely built above the strong foundation, but started from the simple common minds, easy ways of thinking, and then strengthten by the things called love and hate. Maybe I was so weird, or even crazy that I’ve built something that’s so impossible within so many differences, I have so many oceans to sail, I have so many lands to step by, I have so many borders to trespass but im still walking under the skies of clouds, strong winds and hard rains. No matter how hard I tried, I still want to continue making some pathways towards that dream, a dream that always bother my mind of things that I’ve should done after I realized it, a big responsibilities that I should carry, open hearted lights of life that I should live with, and shields of love that I should use to protect my dream until I die. Sometimes I feel myself that I better surrender in the middle of the way, but im still using it as a support to burn my spirit to reach that dream, the biggest ever in my lifetime. I saw so many weaknesses in me, so many misunderstandings, lots of arguments, tons of debates, millions of emotional feelings, boxes of jealousy and broken hearted feelings, until I make myself sure that I should be ready for all of this, and I should prepare for something worst, prepare to be hurt all of the times in my life. Maybe I was just a human being, I am quite far from the words perfect and good, too many things inside here like two-sided blades that ready to cut every moment of me to remove the grasses and stones for my pathways, never be so easy, never be so smooth, but I need to struggle, whatever the results, whatever the ppl says, whatever the world shouts. I am here for that dream, and I was born to realize that dream, I was created to be the best for myself, God knows everything, and has plans with all of this dream, and me just an ordinary human who will fight for that dream………

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