The Beginning…..

At my first day of the new year 2014, in my dark room and the rythm of the pouring rain outside my window, it seems so lazy for the clock to tick from minute to minute, dark grey sky seen from my glass window. I never realized that i’ve been walking this far in this life, when i am trying to look back at the past its already tons of things out there, both good and bad, hard and easy, warm and cold. All i can feel right now is how this life already created a metamorphosis to myself, formed my whole character of being a human in this world. Time keep going on, sometimes we feel it so slow, sometimes we feel it so fast. At the moment when we feel we have already reached a point sometimes we find it too far, and sometimes we feel we have to do more. However, in the beginning of a point in life, in simple word we can say a new year, we will open a new empty page of life journey, with many plans and important things to do. Wherever we are, we will always pick our past as a reference or a big library of experiences, to start something better in the next step of our long journey. When we believe to ourselves that we can change bad things into good things, even good things to better things, we will always feel ‘protected’ by the spirit of doing those changes to make a better ‘look’ to our life performance. There are times we think that something so big in the future seems impossible to reach, and then make us so pesimistic to our self capability of doing such kind of things. Regarding to those situations, sometimes we need another additional supplement called ‘positive thinking’ which can lead us to find our paths towards the future, so those annoying situations will not lead us to the dark hole of desperation. Maybe its not so easy to build a complete self confidence to ourselves facing all the unfavorable conditions, but we have to see what we have to struggle until our maximum capabilities, by understanding completely of our strength and weakness. God created human being in very unique ways, with the ability to adjust with certain kind of conditions and situations, with capability of making decisions, and with the power to create and manage things. So, whoever we are, in the beginning of the year, we can have our dreams, and then make good plans and strategies to realize, to make ourselves better in the future. Happy New Year 2014, You’ll Never Walk Alone…


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